Dec 26, 2011

The Mum to Be Experience 29th weeks

Tik-tok, Tik -Tok, cepat betul masa berlalu. Now Im already 29th weeks @ 7 month + pregnant. Siapa yg pernah melalui pengalaman mengandung mesti rindukan setiap special moment ms baby dlm perut. It is the most special moments women can experience and no man will ever! hehe, guys....jgn jeles k =P.

anyway i hv a song that i like to share with my baby cos i love her so much. (yes she's a gurl) beautiful song for Anna, by christina perri titled 'a thousand years'. Yeps, i love her for a thousand years... dedicated to all momma to be out there! luv ur child cos they're most precious god given.

just to share, bermula dari 28th weeks, baby kita dah start listening, even memorizing, brain functioning. Baby akan dgr suara ibunya bila bersuara, boleh mendengar musik/bunyi berhampirannya, (kalau dia tk suka, mybe dia akan kick like mad, thee hee hee) Sesetengah study ada mendedahkan terdapat memori2 yg tidak dpt dijelaskan oleh sesetengah org (even adult) yg boleh terimbau musik kegemaran ibu mereka (mcm dejavu) ketika akhir trimester.

If u think or have heard about education before birth, now is the time, sy suggest kita solve math problems, makan kacang badam yg boleh membantu brain function sejak dalam rahim. siapa tk nk baby genius kan?

baby akan react first dgn suara ibunya setelah lahir, compare to ayahnya (mybe it takes around 15 days to recognise his father) haha, kesian. Logiknya, baby spend more time wth her mom kan (ms dlm womb)

selain tu, all mommas, try to find peace in ur heart, sbb miraclely , ur baby can connected to u if ure feeling stressful, murung etc. (thats explain premature birth - lahir tk cukup bulan) poor baby, kalau kita rasa sedih she can feel it too, so be happy mums!

okes, ive been reading lotsa artikel, and books bout pregnancy, later on sy akn share lagi. Lepas ni nk cari reading material for pantang. I just found out, chinese cara dorg pantang ialah minum alkohol called Dom. Our chinese fren pun pakai bengkung like ours yg byk tali. nice eh?

more to share =)